What is a Hurling Ball Wall?

Ballwall Diagram Image

“Hurling Walls provide a safe, accessible environment for players to develop their skills and improve their technique. The benefits of having a Hurling Wall facility within a club or school are huge, and combined with appropriate drill sets can result in a dramatic improvement in players’ skill levels over a relatively short time period.”
Paudie Butler.

Our Ball Wall is the place where we see our young and older players continue to hone their skills in the now and future. It results in an increase of speed of thought, feet and touch and it is a massive advantage going forward to our coaches.

The Ball Wall- We want to mention also our plan (PST) as in costing’s and dimensions, lighting, astro turf and we need to angle it also as a Multi Use Area. Give complete traceability, plus you can add my name as a contact with phone or email for any issue or query.

Ways to donate, can be to hand cash or cheques to myself or Mary Jo O’ Connor as Treasurers, plus the methods you have already stated.

Don't just take our word for it!

Benefits of Ballwall Implementation

  1. To further our National policy
    1. To increase participation
    2. To improve playing standards
  1. Because hurling is a Speed and Skill game training must try to replicate this which is very difficult
  1. In any club a determined coach or player can have the ball coming back at maximum speed thus a player in Kerry can practice at the same speed as a player in Kilkenny.
  1. We know from sports science that a player must repeat the skill hundreds of times per session to gain improvement. The wall makes this not only possible but also enjoyable.
  1. Speed has 6 elements
    • Speed of hand
    • Speed of foot
    • Speed of eye
    • Speed of reaction
    • Speed of strike
    • Speed of thought
  1. Players get less time and space to execute the skill. At the wall they can get used to playing at the high speed required today.
  1. Young players have time on their hands and can make dramatic improvement because the ball comes back to be hit again and again without having to follow it.
    Motivation grows inside the player with continuous practice.
  1. Coaches can set targets for their players and create competitions.
  1. Clubs that have hurling walls over the past number of years are now reaping the rewards on the field